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We all have a few old toys like action figures or adorable plushies just laying around the room. We might not play with them anymore, but who said we can’t find creative ways to repurpose them into room decor items or accessories? Here is a whole bunch of cool DIY toy upcycle ideas for you to decorate your room and turn it into a toy story wonderland! Replace your old broken table lamp with a new one filled with tiny toy pieces or create a new flower pot entirely from legos! Dive deep under the bed, pull out those long lost lego pieces, and stay tuned for all of these amazing old toy repurpose ideas, DIY toy life hacks, tips, and tricks from Crafty Panda!

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00:04 Lego Plant Pot
01:15 Glowing Plush Dolphin
02:12 Soft Toy Backpack
03:23 Toy Lamp
04:43 Phone Case Owl
05:45 Chanel Lego Clutch
07:19 Lego Key Holder
08:27 Lego Phone Case
09:18 Panda Jar

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Art Lover says:

I think that the "hack" with the dolphins plush is kinda dangerous, because it is not made to have lights inside it and the thing that is filled with may caught ot fire because the lights are hot? At least this is my theory

I like crafty panda but sometimes they do ridiculous things such as "owl phone case".

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