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Everyone has that old t-shirt/shirt that they’re just not ready to get rid of. Maybe it’s faded, or maybe it’s just always been too big for everyday wear. DIY projects are usually the answer to saving old clothing from meeting the trash can! Check out this technique for turning a big, old t-shirt into a versatile, trendy bodysuit!

Find your old t-shirt. Shirts that are at least a little bit oversized work best. Choose something awesome, like a band tee!

Try the shirt on. If it’s too short or too tight, it’s probably not the right shirt for this project. You want it to be a little bit oversized.

Gather your materials. You’ll need:

Another t-shirt that fits you well (You’ll use this as a guide)
Elastic lace ribbon
A pair of underwear that fits you well (classic underwear cut or by shorts style works best)
Your sewing machine
A needle and thread for hand sewing
2-3 snaps
A stitch ripper (or small nail scissors)

Unravel the hem all the way along the bottom of the t-shirt. Use your stitch ripper or small nail scissors to cut the hem stitching.

Place the pair of underwear you’ve chosen on top of your shirt so that the center of the bottom lines up with the middle of the shirt’s front along the bottom. Cut the t-shirt in line with the leg holes in the underwear.

Measure the height and width of the material along the crotch of the underwear.

From the scrap t-shirt piece you just got off, cut two strips of fabric that measure the same height and width as the crotch of the underwear.

Place your correctly sized shirt on top of the oversized shirt.

Cut pieces from the larger shirt around the smaller shirt to size it properly to your body. The smaller shirt acts as your pattern.

Turn the newly cut pieces of your larger shirt over so the outsides (i.e. the front and the back) face each other. Sew the side seams together with the pieces turned this way.

With your bodysuit still turned inside out, line up the two pieces of material you cut for the crotch earlier, pinning them to each other. Then, line up the end of one piece with the back of the bodysuit where it tapers. Sew the edges and the seam.

Fold and pin the hem around the leg holds of your bodysuit in place. Pin your lace elastic into place along the hem as well. Sew it all into place using a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine.

Fold the edges of the crotch pieces under and sew along the fold.

Hand sew your snaps into place at the edge of your crotch panels. This lets you undo the bodysuit to get it on and off.

Enjoy your new bodysuit!


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Guru Prasad says:

your dressing ideas are very nice

Majd Mahdi says:

7:00….What is wrong with them jeans??

I dont like showing my stomach at all

Izbro10 says:

Do you know how poor this would make you look? Who wants to waste 40$ just to cut some clothes. It makes you look like a thrift shopper.

Jerdondrie says:

0:56 DONT DO THIS HACK because if you do you will have to fully undress to use the bathroom

Erin Shea says:

Your Clothes are fine if it happens it happens

The magnoovy says:


Wow. Just subscribed this is a great channel showed my daughter she really liked alot of the ideas i do similar stuff on my channel maybe come check it out and subscribe very cool thanks again

Ni orang gila yaaa

James Woods says:

Girl stop trying to poke out your but

It's only really 39 because they did one of them twice not to be rude

Jane Ferraz says:

Anything would look good on these girls.

Kani yaru says:

"How to secretly be an alcoholic" 14:51

Mouad Kenzo says:

ادخل جوجل موقع. Rob7ar حتربحوا ايفون مجاني

Mouad Kenzo says:

ادخل جوجل موقع. Rob7ar حتربحوا ايفون مجاني

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