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How can anyone not love science? It’s so great and mysterious, it often looks like magic! Go ahead try these incredible experiments at home! You’ll have so much fun! 😉

Science can look like magic. Try it yourself! In this video you will find the easiest science experiments and tricks you can try to do at home or at school. Ask your kids to join and help you with the performance. They will love these bright and cool experiments!

A spinning candle

How to make a candle spin. Poke it with a toothpick in the middle and place over two glasses. Now it is tome to light it from both sides. Look, it starts to move!

Non-newtonian fluid

Is it liquid or is it firm? Lets find out! Take a bowl full of starch, pour some water inside and mic carefully. Done! Try to put your finger in. It feels life liquid, right? And now try to smash it with your fist. What about now? It feels strong! Let your kids try this simple experiments.

A flying ball

How strong is your hairdryer? Apparently strong enough to keep a ball frying. Take a ping-pong ball and place it over the working hairdryer. It is flying! Now bend the hairdryer a bit to different sides, the ball will also move.

01:22 Levitating money
02:07 DIY Non-Newtonian fluid
05:09 Cool battery hacks
08:18 Awesome balloon hacks
12:30 Chemical traffic light

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Sri Pratheep says:

How much does hydrogen.peroxide cost

Rajib Tewari says:

What is the top made of

Anju Jain says:

I hate this video

Some 1 tell me that what is that top made of

Who else has some hydrogen peroxide just laying around in there house?

6:35 bruh he just drank a potion of fire resistance

Factteze ko subscribe karo

Just show na how it is made it always skip

Lorderscraft says:

50% the video is fake

3,4 magic tricks original and all fake

Thoi Devi says:

Those scene are from other video

Man some are uslefull for me dor real

Is bright side is your channel?

Nikhit Khan says:

Do not repeat your videos

The mixture of water and starch is called ublic.

Akshatrr __ says:

many are copied from bright side

Rambabu Ramu says:

4,5,6 and7 are magic tricks not experiments

more like magic tricks

Omg i am going to die by seeing this this is so so nice

Hiu3boss says:

This guy edits his experiments like at 1:30 he cut out the string clickbait

Ian Mills says:

home alone watching 5 minute hacks like 9:36

Does the screen size trigger anyone else.’just me

Naga Haneesh says:

Repeated lifehacks in all videos but life hacks are mind-blowing

Dilbag Nehra says:

ankush nehra nice video

Oh my cuty Scieennccee you magical and also suprissse

ALI Raza says:

there are some magical tricks not experiment

Pat & Jen says:

2:32 Hi Guys!I dont know what to say but don’t do that Experiment. The Oobleck can get dirty and makes it more rough and brownish if you leave it on a hot place for 24 days or 5 days.I tried it and made two of them but it went horribly wrong after i finished making it and left it for 5 days. There was coackroach on my Oobleck and the Oobleck became rusty and rusty even more rough.Don’t try it if you hate coackroches.

noor saad says:

Where do you get the indigo carmine???

I can't believe you didn't do the hand thing,I TRUSTED 5 MINUTE CRAFT,HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME!?

Does anyone else watch these even though you know they're still fake?

wow but you know the skin did'nt come of the hand

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