Business Tips: Why Customer Service Matters – Restaurant Advice That Will Change Your Business

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Awesome Tip: Why Customer Service Matters – Restaurant Advice That Will Change Your Business

Want to get more customers to your restaurant? This 5 minutes of fire from Jon Taffer and I is all you need to execute on.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 5 locations. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 4-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists.

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supermelodia says:

Restaurant does not need to go that far to keep abuser customer. If a restaurant has good food where you see people lining up, the restaurant does not need to be on customer mercy such as giving discount, free meal etc.

supermelodia says:

A customer that never says THANK YOU even when you put additional extra items in purchasing. So I don't need this type of customer. A customer that orders to make a custom item, after it's done, the person does not buy, disappears, don't respond. I have to blame myself for being too nice. Next time, I will ask to pay in advance for a custom order, next time I won't pay additional item in the purchasing to compensate the customer for 1 day late for the shipping. If I knew the customer would not say thank you for the extra item, I would cancel the purchasing and give her the refund. I told her the shipping will be late due to special circumstances: You have 2 options. I cancel the purchasing or I ship late with a sweet compensation. She opted for the 2nd option. I lost by compensating her just to keep the integrity of the busines. I should just have canceled and refund her. The lost would be zero. But anyway, next time I will also say. The shipping can be from 1 day to 10 days. I used to say from 1 day to 5 days. I am tired of being nice. I just hate being disappointed by jerks.

Chandler needs to shut up and listen.

Kamari W says:

I miss this quick and concise content with industry experts. PLEASE GARY BRING THIS BACK TO FOCUS. @GaryVee

The problem it that the customer is a selfish piece of shit. Get your shit and get out. It boggles my mind how anyone can have so much disregard for everyrhing in the world.

John Wick says:

I have a online business & I F*cking hate customer service! Can’t wait to outsource this sh*t……

Ewalk says:

I'd love to see sources on the recurrent visits. I tried to find anything about it and I'm having trouble.

nick2874 says:

Try ordenaki for flawless service.

ikay hargley says:

Finally cracked how to automate this for Restaurants using chatbots, Zapier and Mobile wallet – Brilliant!

lorie kelley says:

Love Jon!  You have the best advice for great customer service.Lorie / Hilton Sales Manager

Anyone got a source for what Taffer says about customers being 40% likely to return for a second visit then 70% chance of fourth visit? Would be interested to read more about this.

opportunity cost is way to big. pretend if all the meals they will eat cost 20 euros

if there are 1000 customers the first time he will not only lose the money that he used to buy ingredients but he will also lose the opportunitie to make money. this would mean he would have a appotunity cost of 20000 euros.

the second time there will only be 400 customers that returned, he will discound the chicken, thats 5 euros. whitch means he will earn 6000 euros the second day

the third day,only 168 returned customers remaining, he will discount the pie. lets say it costs 3 euros. he will make 2856 euros that day.

the customers will be very happy. but do you think he will be content after the last day? he could have made 20000 euros the first day but instead he only made 8856 euros in three days.

good customers service isnt giving away food. good customers service is being friendly and being patient whit your customers. you can give a discount on the first day, just dont make your opportunity cost to big.

Cha Lee says:

"A pizza-flavored cheesecake! That's fucken brilliant"! Lol

Wow, now that is a lot of value in a 4 min video!

Gaming Test says:

Dude, watching that video makes me feel like am fool 🙂 . Thank you Jon Taffer…

Gary should do an episode called "The Art of Listening"! How do you ask a Seasons guru for advice and then talk over the person as they bless you with "game"???

Mitch S says:

But wait, didn't he say for new customers, give them a hand written discount toward the chicken or whichever food they decide?.. Then he says dont give discounts?.. Not discrediting his advice, because its clearly golden advice. But im just wondering if something flew over my head here or?..

I love seeing Gary get excited about something cause he's the kind of guy that if he felt like it he could create a pizza cheesecake and sell a million of them!

Leo Patrik says:

relax gary. you're screaming scares me.

panbuffman says:

Should change the title to "3 Guys Talking Over Eachother"

Why does he keep cutting in like that?

EFTO93 says:

Get Henry Rollins on AskGaryVee

You are absolutely correct John but I have a way to generate customers in 1 visit in restaurants.

best channel for entrepreneurs

Why don't you offer Galaxy S8 cases yet?

Puré fucking gold

Rohit Kumar says:

THIS IS GOLDEN PIECE OF ADVICE. SO MUCH VALUE. WOW. PUREWOW! <3 fantastic answer,,,,,,,just speechless <3

Matt Butzen says:

Great advice, thank you. Also pizza cheesecake sounds amazing

Gary, will I get roaming charges if I call you from another country or is it a toll free number similar to a 1-800 #? I have a few questions about a business startup I'd like to have answered

BFBCIE2 says:

This is fireeeeeee

Don Williams says:

Wait, DON'T" discount? Because its bad to get your customers addicted? I'm confused, can someone clear that up?

Love this ❤❤❤

Jack W says:

This is Marketing GOLD!

Syed Asrar says:

I think #AJ has a tougher job of dealing with clients during the side hustle of #GaryVee 🙂 (looking at the background)

Syncro Van says:

Damn, those was so worthed 4 and half minutes to watch ! Never end to learn. Already thinking how to implement some tips, on my projects. Thanks Gary.

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