Business Tips: Why Being Motivated by Money Is the Wrong Motivation | DailyVee 460

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Awesome Tip: Why Being Motivated by Money Is the Wrong Motivation | DailyVee 460

Money doesn’t buy happiness.. so, it also shouldn’t be your motivation. I’m worried that so many of you are overvaluing the money, which will cause you to be a very unhappy 82 year old because you spent so many years doing stuff you don’t love just because you thought you could make some extra cash that way.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 4 locations. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 5-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists.

Gary is the host of the #AskGaryVee Show, a business and marketing focused Q&A video show and podcast, as well as DailyVee, a docu-series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO, investor, speaker, and public figure in today’s digital age.

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Ammar Mango says:

I love this! very inspirational. If your goal is to chase money you're lessening your chances of reaching your goal even if it is just getting money.
If you want to know how exactly wanting money will never get you there check out my youtube video titled "How to stay focused on your goal"

ICHIMA says:

Well, I don't care. My motivation is still money. After getting money is to help the people who are not that lucky as people are helping me. Always appreciate the availability to be who I am today and give the society back.

You do vayner media for the money as a proxy , so is it not ok for me to do business in the industry I'm in even if I don't love it but it's a proxy ?

Life is a double edged blade, how our world operates makes us need money for almost everything. So saying not to be motivated by money isn’t all true, it’s part true. It needs to be a healthy mixture to chase happiness and money.


Gary’s the white P-Diddy. “Can’t stop won’t stop”. Great vlog Gary, thanks!

I think that it's more to it when it comes to money. Most people want to be successful, famous and rich because they think these things will make them happy. But the science of positive psychology proves that none of these things will make you happy. They usually make you "happier" for a short time and then it's gone. You have a much better chance at happiness if you work on something that is meaningful to you. This is what Gary seems to be doing.

June Fabores says:

I understand Gary’s standpoint to a degree. There should be a balance. I feel like being a millionaire means that you have a passion that has a side effect of making you a lot of money. In the beginning, money was the motivation but as the progress continues, purpose and value becomes prominent and money becomes easier to attain.

We live in a world where money can effect your lifestyle and make it better or worse
So I do believe money is important but focusing on your craft or career to get better at it is very important
I’m only motivated by money because I want to help my family and others succeed
But patience is always the key like Gary said people want to be rich and don’t even make 100k a year yet my mentality is 10k to 20k to 50k to 100k to 500k to 1m a year
Smart work pays off

Ibrar Ali says:

Honestly Gary is just pure truth.

SoLucky says:

Can One37pm also touch on the topic of father-son relationships and teaching sons how to grow from boys into men? Sort of teaching dads about initiation and how to put sons in that space..

I've got a lot of motivation, but i have no idea on how to get into the Military at all and I have no idea on how to start my own business after the Marines, I'm hoping that you can help me out .

The way I think about money is that it's just a side effect of what you do. Yes, it's nice to have money but I can never love money for the money itself. Whenever I have an idea it's never about the money, it's all about how far I can get. For me it's all about the abillity to be able to do what I truly want and trying to stay on that road. Right now I'm working solo on a big project that everyone think it's not going to be a success. But to me it has already been a success… Why? Well, I enjoy every single moment I'm working on it and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.. and no, it's not the train coming at me 🙂

Neuroholic says:

Why Judging someone is a liability"
"This whole concept of putting something dead inside of you" Time: 4:40
Gary, this is the only thing that really impacted me. You have the tools and ideas to impact the world in a larger scale. You should promote a type of veganism because we are not the only animals who suffer on this earth. You should think about it. Animal cruelty is one of the biggest problems that society faces. The big companies like McDonald, Burger King, shit like that, dont give a fuck about our well being and they are literrally destroying our planet. I know, you know this stuff but you should put content towards this problem. I would really apreciated and i know many people would too. Have a great life. Exito.

Alex Haj says:

Sure money isnt the top priority but it sure as hell can help you get to that top priority, whatever it may be for each individual. It’s a tool that can escalate your growth process, ex: advertising budget, equipment upgrades, etc. At least for me and my photography business 🙂

Heňo Nguyen says:

I am motivated by money. Reason why is , that I have never made enough money to buy anything for myself. I am motivated by the idea of being able to buy me '' tools '' to enable me to do things that excite me. for example, I see my self buying a new PC so I can edit, I see my self buying suplements for my passion for fitness, being able to buy shoes to workout in and such. To be able to make family, build house. I enjoy mountains and would love to snowboard a lot so I need money for that too. I know that being motivated by money simply for the idea of seeing your bank account status is ridiculous but I do not think that many people think that way. There are some that they reflect their power on the bank account status. But do not think that when someone wants MONEY means he wants just MONEY. He wants to fulfill desires similar to those mentioned above.. Wouldnt say money being a motivation is WRONG. Because money is a ''metaphor'' for all the posibilities you as an individual can achieve..

Hi my name is Will, Im a British immigrant and i live in India and i make garlic bread for a living (yes i actually do that) at a local restaurant that is known for its garlic bread, so im pretty much the boss over there, but my boss larry a (Scottish immigrant) says im not. Im still hoping he gets fired for the random shit he screams. Anyway, nice to meet you

Steven Yang says:

I actually don't agree with the title of the video. I do everything because I'm motivated by money. I'm so ambitious because I want to make a million by age 30. I want it all, but not because of the wrong reasons.

shoutout to all the teenagers watching gary because they aren’t like all the other kids out in this world.

Not gonna lie…I miss the original intro music… "So Were Gonna Be Legends!!"

Spade2351 says:

gonna say gary is wrong on this one. a high ranking banker or doctor may not care a ton about what they are doing for work but they love making the money. i mostly think hes talking to his audience, young people, who want to be instagram famous by yesterday

Alex Cio says:

Money destroys things…
Be motivated and if you are, the money will come anyway!

agile006 says:

Ever since I was about 4 years old it’s been about the money. I’m 49 now. What do I do to work on changing that mindset. I truly care about what I do, but I also have that drive to make money. Please help.

Peter Jeong says:

I feel like Tom Petty didn't get the honor he deserved because he passed away around the LV massacre. But, his music will always be a part of my life.

Aaron Dunn says:

The best brands begin with belief.

Really good stuff! Not just helpful for me, but for my clients who I am trying to get on the same page. Alot of people I work with get to a step where its time to just grind and produce content, they don't see the long term vision because they don't believe it will make them money…. but I think the more important mindset is they don't belive they can work on their content enough to become that good.

Tricky stuff to integrate into your psyche, but I believe it to be true. I personally chased that $75K makes you happy research study, and after reaching it and working corporate for a while – I realized my life was pretty much the same… Wasn't too much more excited or drastically doing different things. So I decided to just chase what I liked doing!

Keep it up guys!

Behnwa says:

it was dope seriously one of the best garyvee i have seen

MrEndzo says:

What you need to do is the thing you would do if you had just a day to live. Call the people you love and tell them, ask for pardon, etc. But you have more than a day left, DO IT NOW. 😉

MrEndzo says:

I've got a mission and I just can't shut up.

TheFaigan says:

Bruh, I gotta eat. Let passion motivate you but also take into the consideration the money

Tom Noble says:

Wow, never thought of motivations changing as an accoplishment! Now I think about it, my motivations change all the time, but they are just progressing as the boundaries of my expectations are expanding 🙂

If your main focus is money, material or other wealth, you will never have enough. There's always more to be made, always a bigger goal with more of the same thing. You'll look impressive and successful to others but you'll never fill that gaping hole inside of you that's looking for fulfilment and self-respect.

really looking forward to see you! am from Indonesia 🙂

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