Business Tips: We Doubled Her Following in 5 Minutes | Tea With GaryVee

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Awesome Tip: We Doubled Her Following in 5 Minutes | Tea With GaryVee

What a powerful morning Gary had on his live stream today. There were a ton of great calls about dealing with insecurities, self-doubt, and dwelling that will bring you a ton of value. The one that takes the cake though is the last call with Laura. She is an aspiring writer who is struggling Be sure to watch until the very end so you can see her call in full… It has a lot of great motivation and a big surprise… Enjoy!

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Yukta Thapa says:

I can directly relate to this.
Check out some amazing business and motivation related videos on YouTube.

@traveljerzgirl is on 15200 followers on instagram and more important she is kicking it on tik tok!

JAPI Knows says:

That smile of yours when u tell us where the yelling comes from “the sweetest, kindest …” was soooo good!!!

Hi guys, would someone please answer?: If I want to create content in English and Spanish, should I create it under the same channel and account? or should I have 2 different accounts… 1 for each language?

What are the best strategies to gain followers that is not follow back

What are the best strategies to gain followers on social media?


Bryce & Kenz says:

How do these people get on the show? It would make my life if I could be on it

57:47 hahahahahahahahaha you gotta love Dustin!!!

NC Fitness says:

holy crap shes at 16k

What program is Gary using?

mmanda515 says:

@traveljerzgirl WOW… >16k on insta. Huge thumbs up. 🙂 (clink clink) CHEERS, girl.

Let’s not say it their fault but yes, it’s the parents' responsibility, that is different. Pounding on someone would rarely make them feel empowered, but encouraging them to become leaders instead of victims could go a long way. Please @GaryVee, keep sharing your advice to parents, these children are our future.

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They can also use to transcribe their audio/videos for free instead of paying someone.

Thanks GV for what you do in encouraging others, like myself, to share our voices. I love the conversation you had with Jay, not just because I'm knocking on the door of 50, but because I see young coaches and content creators killing it on social media, with TONS of information and creativity in entertaining people, but with limited amounts of the kind of wisdom that only double their years of life experience can offer. For those of us whose intent is not to "be publicly popular", but is to serve others with maximum value, your ability to make it clear that in today's world those variables are inseparable, is very much needed and appreciated. Thank you. Live Awesome and Enjoy Your Journey!

Your wisdom always enlighten us to be the best version of ourselves. As i started my youtube channel i must say that you are my inspiration and i hope that people will also support me. Thank you for all the lesson you're trully amazing.

5:55 – My name is: "blah blah blah sounds like a total fuckwit"

The first call with Maria and Daniela reminded me of one of your podcasts with a famous YouTuber that had a similar problem. If you remember she came to America with her family at a young age and she wasn't sure if she should make separate channels for her English audience and her audience from where she came from and you said keep everything on one channel.

Hey Every One, How Can I Get On This Show..

ZpVisions says:

Who wrote that awesome intro song!!

Phil Bolte says:

Please follow up with Laura once a month until she's up to speed.

I wish I had a dad or any male figure like you in my life during my childhood, even now. I feel like I would be a completely different individual. Feel like a lot of people lack that male role model, either way I’m blessed to have you in my life now!! Thank you for being such an inspiring individual, makes me feel possible !

God bless Yaall have a Nice day

I love Gary vae
You have motivated me in lotta ways
Kindly subscribe to my channel…
I just started it and I need subscribers…
I promise not to disappoint

Hahahaha “get the fuk outa here, unsubscribe.” “Cya everyone” fuking love this guy!

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