Business Tips: so you want to complain… | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original

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Awesome Tip: so you want to complain… | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original

I don’t understand how you can complain while being a human on earth. So many of you just lack perspective. You’ve already won. You won the universe’s lottery and managed to get lucky enough to live the life that you have right now. One life, act like it.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 4 locations. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 5-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists.

Gary is the host of the #AskGaryVee Show, a business and marketing focused Q&A video show and podcast, as well as DailyVee, a docu-series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO, investor, speaker, and public figure in today’s digital age.

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Never complain, never explain. Resist the urge to defend yourself or make excuses

teej says:

I'm gonna watch this every morning for the next 30 days.

teej says:

its not even 400 trillion to 1. Its basically impossible. The fact that you are on this earth sitting watching this video and my comment right now is even more unlikely. Everything up to this moment had to be at the right place at the exactly right time. What if that day your great grandmother didnt have to take a shit at 8 in the morning before she went to work and didnt meet your great grandfather? You wouldn't be here. What if a million years ago there was a huge storm and the chimpanzee that later evolved into generations of humans died? This is so funny to think about but it boggles my mind. That's actually crazy. You're so fucking lucky its not possible to conceive how lucky you fucking are.

Oooops, except there are more slaves alive today than there were back when slavery was at its peak in the 1800s.

Sumit Das says:

The Number Hits Conscious Bang.

Amr says:

What does 400 trillion to 1 mean?


Mere Mortals says:

Specially during these times, these words resonate strongly.

I love this video! I’m just wondering, though, how did he come up with these odds?

400 trillion is 400 followed by 12 zeros. Why does your video title have 18!! And you want us to listen to you?

Andro Santos says:

If you really think slavery’s gone, you haven’t been paying attention.

Simple answer: God

Always keep this on deck when I need to hear some good words.. thank you Gary for helping me understand thing and to put in perspective

aus71383 says:

Life is not a lottery. Your children are not random – they are a result of your choices. You are not random – you are a result of the choices of your ancestors. It's good to be grateful – but not good to misattribute circumstances to random chance.

I understand his point of life being a gift and all that, but those 400 trillion to one odds mean nothing. The only way one can be grateful for something is if putting ourselves in the other party's shoes makes us realize that we wouldn't want that life. Like how people born into rich families should be grateful for the money and luxuries, because so many people don't have it and wish they did. With these 400 trillion to one odds, we'd have to compare ourselves to every other life form in existence, be it bacteria or a tree. Animals don't long to be human. Bacteria don't long to be human. They are perfectly content with existing as they are, and we would too if we were born as one of them.

In other words, if something wants to be a human being, there's a near 100% chance that they ARE human, so why be grateful for that?

It's like if you visit a small town with only one hotel, and the bell hop says "You're lucky you chose this hotel." Well, I WANTED to be in a hotel, and this is the ONLY hotel in the area, so what alternative did I have? Any scenario where I wouldn't have chosen that hotel would have been a scenario in which I didn't want to be there.

but how if ur not requested to be a human in first place? or anything that u mention about? just dont live at all,if that is my request. how u gonna say about that?

Marco D'Elia says:

3 minutes and 26 seconds that changed my life

itscreatiVic says:

I have just one wish, for Drock or Tyler or whoever made this episode, to tell us what song is in the background! I think it would be a dream come true… nothing can find it… no shazam,siri or whatever apps

I'm so grateful to have discovered Gary he have such a great impact in my perspective .

Atomic 89' says:

I love this video.. i love it so much !!! Thank u Gary…

Scott K says:

What a stupid, worthless fucking sentiment. What does "the odds of being born a human" even mean? It's like Gary thinks there are billions of disembodied souls playing a lottery to decided what species they're going to be, as if it's possible that that cactus over there could have been born as a starfish. What the fuck is this guy smoking?

Scott K says:

This is what happens when you get rich. You sit around pontificating about the odds of being born a human, as if that epiphany had anything what-so-fucking-ever to do with how you became successful. This is what you call tripping balls on your own success.

Gary. Great news. I finally got off my ass and did something to move forward with my new business. It feels fucking awesome. I could get addicted to the process.

Saikat Roy says:

It's actually much, much lower (chances of being born as a human being) than 400 trillion:1 when one factors in the probabilities of the universe existing at all, of the amount of matter being just slightly more than antimatter, of forces of gravity being just right to mould the gases into planets, etc etc…well, i guess that's just more reason to be happy and proud…and to go DO something! 🙂
[or maybe NOT do anything, since ultimately nothing really means anything at all 😉 ].

DJTriumph38 says:

We have one at bat.

How can i give this video 400 trillion likes? 🙂

Marcin P says:

My fav spiritual guide Gary Vee

RAD Hallett says:

Mr “if your white and you complain you should go to jail” can fuck off.

I work with people with learning disabilities in the UK. I judge my job success on how well the guys I support are doing, and how happy they are.

However this job now pays fuck all and I struggle to get to the end of the month with money. This happened because the government benefits and funding these guys receive has been slashed by the government. They can’t afford to pay us more.

I’m I a failure? Should I go to jail for complaining? Is it wrong to think that a job that is beneficial to the most vulnerable in our society and therefore society itself should pay a bit more?

Fuck you

Mustafa M says:

Who gives a fuck what people think? Garyvee as always practical

Brennan Khor says:

Watch Gary Vee LIVE in Singapore in July 2018:

Mitesh Gohil says:

I knew i was not happy with my current life, now taking a step to change it. Gary you've always been a motivation. Thanks man. Lots of love.

Prince 1022 says:

This really goes deep !

Gary, I've never kept this in perspective before. This is the first time I've cried in awe of my own existence. You're right when you say "I don't know how to get upset after that." Just simply trying to wrap my head around it left me with tears in my eyes for what an insane miracle life is – Let alone my own.

It's like starting at 100% and then it drops once you start doing stuff.

Rick Moro says:

Yes sir complaing takes energy!
Energy waisted!
In the end all that waisted energy can only result to one thing!
A waisted life!!

AlaskanBas says:

LOL, 400 trillion to one means 400000000000000 / 1 = 400000000000000. This means that the odds of becoming a human being are very great. It should have been one to 400 trillion.

Thank you sir….needed this badly

MATTO says:

I Don't know how many times i listened to this but very much thank you so much to Gary Vee

Helena asdg says:

You are such an inspiration. Being human is sometimes hard, but it is also a blessing. Thank you for reminding us on how magnificent we really are <3

Real talk Gary!!! Let’s get it 2018, time to start smiling more even on those rainy days.

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