Business Tips: How to Apply Macro Patience and Micro Speed

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Awesome Tip: How to Apply Macro Patience and Micro Speed

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 5 locations. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 4-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists.

Gary is the host of the #AskGaryVee Show, a business and marketing focused Q&A video show and podcast, as well as DailyVee, a docu-series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO, investor, speaker, and public figure in today’s digital age.

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I learnt so much dude. Thank you so much. Fuck this is genius

@garyvee team I would really appreciate if you could tell me full name of the people who asked question…one who owns data management company. Thank you…..#GaryVee

Holy shit. It really makes sense. I love Gary

Maickel Cody says:


for most people its Macro dreams Micro procrastinate

"If you're working twelve hours a day, I mean you can go seventeen if you want."

I mean, I can write fifteen hours in a day, once a week, but to do it every day? No way. But still catching up, thinking I'm working hard as Gary V.

Macro Patience. Micro Speed. Perfectly said.

Anupam Sah says:

The realest rant by Garyvee ever. Guys if you're looking to build your tech platforms in the sectors of mobile, web & IOT.
Make sure you check

We have been building tech for VC backed startups from India and have a growing foothold in Kuwait & US as well.

Ryan Mills says:

fuck material prizes, this video is a win for me this week.

b10hazard says:

Powerful Gary V. I knew nothing about you before you went on RichRoll podcast. Been a huge fan of you ever since. Loved you on JRE as well.

thanks Gary. very good way to look at it. concise also!

Trying to be the next big thing tomorrow isn't going to get you anywhere… But being yourself today EVERY day is!

Cem Göknil says:

Well thought out question. Great advice.

jose cruz says:

good advice it took me years to learn this ,wish i had you when i was 21 years old .what you said in 4 mins took me 16 years to learn lol

Mary Siems says:

This. Thank you Gary! Such a simple concept. And yet it finally makes sense. Finally. Long game. That's it.

Loved this video !!!

Such a great public speaker and businessman. Also great advice, I agree with everything you said.

Gary your the fucking man!

When I stated to actually do things, I came to realise patience because, ever since there was no overnight success. No 100/sales a day, just a small slow progress..

hey my boy Gary V. I did it. I have featured you in my latest impressions video!!!! all about you. you like???

Kay FuQua says:

Gary, I found you recently through Mike Rashids' YT channel. What a blessing! I approach my day differently now. Thanks for being so real & personable.

Random_Vince says:

Thank you Gary for explaining this. I had the same question just like he did.

where was this tall?

Aseel Soueid says:

Love the passion behind your answer. Real stuff, Gary!


If you get Gary's message you stop watching him. It's kind of ironic. I haven't watched in a while, but just now stopped in for some wisdom. Really glad I did. Great stuff as always!

David Onacht says:

Thank you for the advise. It's sometimes hard to keep up that mentality, but of course it wouldn't be worth it if it wasn't hard.

KwikDraw 35 says:

showed your channel to my pet hamster, now he makes 4 million a year. really appreciate your work Gary

Ron Vincent says:

Gary ma man!! Totally agree now, Macro Patience and Micro Speed!
Heard it many times but it dint drive sense to me until this video, i don't know why I'm 20 and because of you I get to better understand and start living life !
Thank you!! <3

Nick Tavola says:

that was actually really good advice man. keep the nuggets of wisdom coming! !!!!!

D Sanders says:

Makro Patience. Mikro Speed.

What's the music at the end, please?

Travis Kraft says:

This guy advises to go from working 12 hours a day to 17. That may be fine in the short term but not the kind of life I want long-term. These guys may make more money than me but my quality of life is a lot higher.
Life is more about balance for me. There is a time to work, a time to spend with your family, a time to enjoy yourself.

Free business advice. Thank you for your videos.

one thing that pops up my mind every day, " Macro patience and Micro speed".. these kind of small q&a is much welcomed for the followers who follows (stop watching start doing).
thank you

dean hall says:

I noticed the brand placement..interesting move Gary.

its such a great message, Macro patience micro speed!

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