Business Tips: FIGURING OUT WHO YOU ARE | DailyVee 217

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Awesome Tip: FIGURING OUT WHO YOU ARE | DailyVee 217


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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 5 locations. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 4-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists.

Gary is the host of the #AskGaryVee Show, a business and marketing focused Q&A video show and podcast, as well as DailyVee, a docu-series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO, investor, speaker, and public figure in today’s digital age.

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Thynox says:

notification squad

Its Epic says:

I only saw a few videos from Gary yet, what is he exactly doing besides of these Videos&Podcasts? Which Companies does he has built and how does he started?

hey, Gary! Sending tons of gratitude to you for helping me waking up to who I am.
I used to be trapped in the need to become one of those onpine gurus, but after tons of introspecrion I understood that shit was not for me, man. So I finally started diving in trying to entertain people with my crude, clowning around animations!
Speaking of which, ai was wondering if it's ok if I'd feature you in one of my future episodes someday.
Cheers from the slums of Transylvania!

Nobody’s gonna see this but whatever. Gary is amazing. Hooking other people up with other people in the same industry, giving connections, connection each other, its so giving.

Fates Motive says:

Once you know who you truly are. Everything else is secondary.

Any one on here creat video content or is a videographer if so I’m in need of a videographer video editor to create some dope content.

Just keep doing what your doing Boss, you got it all!!

Antank says:

22:38 he asked a question instead of demanding him to lower his salary. That was his mistake


Hey there ! I have been watching Gary’s videos from time. His content really pushed me to be who I am today. Started a YouTube channel two months ago and looking for any young YouTubers wanting to grow together . Goal is to hit numbers I could never imagine.

Ole Dahl says:

If you really have parents who don't want you to be a success then I wouldn't even called them parents.

I needed this. Thank you.

Rock Razz says:

that was really good advice abour being you

"Maybe the reasons they don't have more confidence in themselves or care about their opinion about themselves versus others is 'cause they don't know they're doing things they don't like. So you need to work on that."

Man, it hit me so hard. No wonder why I lose my confidence sometimes on what I'm saying and that's because I do the things I don't like. In short, you really need to be true to yourself, and walk the fucking talk. I'll work on it until I make it.

Thank you Gary Vee.

D Ima says:

I’m not cute. 🙁

It would be better if you could chop al the garbage off (and just left the diamonds)

9:50 figure out what you are and then become even better than you naturally are at what you are”

9:00 “if you are great at painting paint and her a partner to be your sales person.”

But the question is, how I figure out who I am?

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